Ristorante da O Batti Portofino Ristorante da O Batti Portofino Ristorante da O Batti Portofino

“Da ö Batti Portofino” Restaurant

"Da Ö Batti" Restaurant is just around the corner from the famous historical town square of Portofino; the restaurant's in a very atmospheric narrow alley with historical houses pressing from both sides, just next to Portofino's little theater.
Da Ö Batti Restaurant in Portofino is the only restaurant where you can savour the original "Scampi alla Batti" as well as other traditional Ligurian dishes.

The One and Only Da Ö Batti Restaurant is in Portofino!

Vico Nuovo 17 - Portofino


Whether you approach from sea or land, Portofino appears almost abruptly from beyond the last bend or bluff, and in the same breath makes you fall in love.. [...]

Scampi alla Batti (Batti Prawns)

There really isn't anything like the"Scampi alla Batti" (Batti prawns) when it comes to seafood! Prepared from an old, secret recipe, they must be consumed with your bare hands to really savour their unique taste![...]