Da ö Batti Portofino Restaurant - The One and Only in Portofino Italy

Da ö batti portofino restaurant

If the narrow alley leading to the most fascinating little square on the Mediterranean Sea has reached international fame, Da ö Batti Restaurant and the “Scampi alla Batti” are due a tasty slice of that fame. When the current owners took over about 40 years ago, Old Batti passed down that secret recipe, which has been painstakingly followed to this day. Stewed in a one-of-a-kind “guazzetto”, these are prawns you wished there would always be one more of.

In the past 40 years, Da ö Batti Restaurant has been modernized and new rooms added, but the many pictures hanging from the walls and portraying the owners with household names show that Da ö Batti Restaurant has remained loyal to that same tradition that made it a culinary legend in the first place.

So it is that teak steps, crystal panes, and sailing ship models showcased in backlit cases can be found side by side to the traditional tablecloths of the kind fishermen dined on, once; and anyone who wishes to savor the many delicacies made with fish caught on the same day will wear a kerchief around their neck and shell the prawns with their bare hands, while enjoying a glass from the wine chart Da ö Batti Restaurant selected for them.