Dishes by Da ö Batti Portofino Restaurant - The One and Only in Portofino

Our dishes

Seafood Hors d'Ouvre

We recommend our seafood hors d'ouvre to properly start your lunch or dinner at Da ö Batti Restaurant in Portofino. It consists of a seafood salad with octopus and dressed with our homemade Genovese pesto sauce, a plentiful dish for two people.

Risotto with Scampi (Prawns)

At Da ö Batti in Portofino fresh scampi (non-fried prawns) go into risotto as well. Sit back with a glass of wine and savour this rich dish one spoonful at a time, served simply and without any seasoning to alter the distinctive taste of the prawns.

Scampi alla Batti

You can find the True and Only "Scampi alla Batti" exclusively at Da ö Batti Restaurant in Portofino (beware of imitations!). Prawns freshly caught every day and soaked in a stew that tastes like heaven, a serving of "Scampi alla Batti" is a story, a mystery that unravels one shell at a time, a culinary experience you wish would never end, always waiting for you at Da ö Batti Restaurant in Portofino's historic town square.

Spaghetti with Clams

It may look easy to prepare some proper spaghetti with clams, but this seafood dish requie a special care, careful hands, and sharp eyes. At Da ö Batti Restaurant in Portofino, the clams are thoroughly cleaned and any sand is flushed out.

Trenette with Genovese Pesto sauce

Here at Da ö Batti Restaurant in Portofino, the homemade Genovese pesto sauce doesn't go with trofie, rather with trenette. Like in the oldest Genovese tradition, the mintless flavor of fresh basil and Italian pine nuts soaks each trenetta noodle and is then enhanced by the richness of the potatoes

Apple Pie with Ice Cream

The American apple pie is gifted an Italian soul at Da ö Batti Restaurant in Portofino. Two crunchy layers of puffy pastry hug a warm apple heart; every slice is served with a dusting of iced sugar and if you'd like, a scoop of ice cream with a cherry on top.

Grilled Octopus on Chickpea Cream

The Da o Batti Restaurant in Portofino - the one and only - adds a new dish to their menu for their faithful and cherished clients: "Grilled Octopus Tentacles on Chickpea Cream".

Chocolate Cake

This round chocolate cake is served with a warm heart of dark chocolate and a dusting of powdered sugar. Every dessert at Da ö Batti Restaurant in Portofino is homemade with all the decades of experience and care for detail and taste that makes Da ö Batti Restaurant in Portofino stand out from the competition.

Pannacotta (with caramel)

A timeless Italian dessert, a helping of pannacotta with caramel on top wraps up your experience at Da ö Batti Restaurant in Portofino with on a light and creamy note.


There are very few desserts as authentically Italian as Tiramisu, and there are even fewer ways to better crown your lunch and dinner at Da ö Batti Portofino Restaurant. Our tiramisu is served into a wide cup, to be savoured with ease while gazing at Portofino's iconic landscape.